Company Profile

We are PT.Cahayatiara  Mustika  Scientific Indonesia (CMSI), established as a foreign investment company in 1991. PT. CMSI is member of AGC (Asahi Glass Company, Japan)  and support from own group’s manufacturer of laboratory glass ware in Indonesia PT. Iwaki Glass Indonesia (IGI).

The company core business is a leading solutions provider of specialty chemicals reagent and laboratory product to enabling our customers to meet increasingly stringent market and application requirements  with wide variety of products such as chemical reagents, glass ware, plastic ware, tissue culture ware, porcelain  ware, tool for laboratory, filtration and equipment


To be No.1 Company of laboratory products and chemical reagent in Indonesia


Clarify the target and accept nothing less than its achievement

If you need information more detail about our product and services, please contact us  and our team will be happy to explain it.

PT. Cahayatiara Mustika Scientific Indonesia (CMSI)
Kawasan Industri I Jln.  Jababeka IX B Blok P-6 H Cikarang – Bekasi 1753

Telp : +622189835311  Fax : +622189835317-18
Email:  Website :

“For All Your Laboratory Product”



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